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Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters are the main part of your home’s rainwater drainage system and they help control water that runs off of your house. Gutters help to channel water away from your home’s foundation and help to prevent erosion and damage from mold and termites. When water sits along a foundation for prolonged periods of time it can cause ground settling which leads to cracks in the foundation.


Gutter Covers

Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ is a uniquely designed system that allows water to freely flow through it while keeping all debris out of your gutters. The stainless steel membrane is porous enough for even the heaviest of downpours to not run off your gutters while the mesh keeps leaves, sticks and even shingle grit from clogging up the gutters.

efficient system


When functioning properly, your guttering is a protective system. An efficient system ensures that your home’s foundation and roof stay in top condition.

In most cases a standard 5-inch seamless gutter will meet the drainage needs of the average home. We do make and install 6-inch gutters for those with special drainage needs or those that simply want them. Collins & Son’s Roofing also installs Ox Mesh screens for the world’s finest leaf protection system over existing gutters or on your brand new gutters.

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